Anthony's Questions

Anthony's Questions

Tobi Blake

My heart continues to ache over the events of the past week. Scrolling through Facebook is heart wrenching.  So much hatred and anger. So much sadness.

I want to help so badly. I want to change the world. I feel helpless. After some soul searching, I realized my greatest influence and power for change is right here in my home. 

Upon this realization, my husband and I decided to make a video with our little guy, Anthony. 

Our children hear our conversations. They see our actions. They feel our attitudes. They learn how to view and navigate this world from us. This responsibility is daunting but exciting. We have the power to re-direct the future! 

I want my children to be free-thinking and open-minded. I want them to see through stereotypes and stigmas and love without judgement or condition. We have to stand up and be better than the generations who have gone before, and then pass the torch to the next, hoping they move in the same positive direction.

If you feel the same responsibility as a parent, please share this video and encourage other parents to take Anthony's advice to teach our children carefully.